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Demonstrated Capability

Miles Research presents unique services which have been thoroughly tested, calibrated and demonstrated over the last decade. We have successfully undertaken over 40 Weather Moderation interventions within the last two years, and can provide high quality referees.

Agricultural Applications

Miles Research in collaboration with Aquiess ran some unique weather adjustments for a fixed target area within North Western Victoria (NWV), Australia between May 2016 - Feb 2017 and May 2017 - Feb 2018. NWV farmers were assisted through the:

  • adjusting of May rains for client NWV farmers, which provided an earlier start to the growing season than was predicted by the Bureau of Meteorology (Ref avail.) - Summary. Media rain articles: link-1, link-2.

  • blocking of untimely rains and multiple severe weather events that had been predicted by the Bureau of Meteorology. This greatly assisted the timely, natural maturation of crops until the close of harvest (Ref avail.) - link.

Fire-threat Intervention

New South Wales, Australia (October) 2013

During a NSW Fire crisis, which was comparable to Victoria's 2009 Black Saturday Fires in terms of weather conditions forecast and threat potential, Aquiess ran an open demonstration.

Details: Real threat link. Video link. An open unsolicited letter was sent to the NSW Government, Minister for Environment as a public record of the company's attempt to eliminate or reduce the threat. A downloadable PDF summary of the event intervention, the results as well as the communications is available - link. A3 charts - link.. Minister's Office 'beige' response - link.

Drought Mitigation

Horn of Africa (August - December) 2011

In 2011 the company founders, with Aquiess colleague Dr Mahendra Shah presented (and then demonstrated) acquisition of timely rainfall. This was announced to the United Nations FAO Emergency Summit for the Horn of Africa Drought-Famine, in Rome.

For further details - see Drought Mitigation - link. Please see also Colorado example (download) - link and Background - link.

Typhoon Mitigation

Super Typhoon Noul (2015) dramatically deviated from the predicted trajectory.

Typhoon Noul (Dodong) strengthened considerably as expected on May 9, as it crossed from the deeper waters of the Philippines Trench into the into the warmer region of the Benham Rise. But it deviated considerably from the expected North Island trajectory. Full details - link.

Please contact us via - link for further information.