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Demonstrated Capability

Miles Research represents some unique services that have been thoroughly tested and demonstrated over the last decade. With over 40-successful weather intervention examples, including:

Agricultural Adjustments

Victoria, Australia (May 2016 - Feb 2017 and May 2017 - Feb 2018) for a fixed target area within North Western Victoria (NWV), Miles Research in collaboration with Aquiess has run some unique weather enhancements. NWV farmers were assisted through:

  • Adjusting of May rains for client NWV farmers, which provided an earlier start to the growing season than was predicted by the Bureau of Meteorology (Ref avail.) - Summary. Media rain articles: link-1, link-2.

  • Blocking untimely rains and multiple severe weather events that had been predicted by the Bureau of Meteorology, assisted maturation of crops through until close of harvest (Ref avail.) - link.

Fire-threat Intervention

New South Wales, Australia (October) 2013

During a NSW Fire crisis, comparable to Victoria's 2009 Black Saturday Fires in terms of threat and weather conditions forecast, Aquiess ran an open demonstration. Details: Real threat link. Video link. Open letter sent to Minister for Environment NSW Govt - as a point-of-reference. Download PDF summary of event, results and letters - link. A3 charts - link.. Minister's Office 'beige' response - link.

Drought Mitigation

Horn of Africa (August - December) 2011

In 2011 the company founders with Aquiess colleague Dr Mahendra Shah presented (and then demonstrated) acquisition of timely rainfall, announced to the UN FAO Emergency Summit in Rome - for the Horn of Africa Drought-Famine.

For further details - see Drought Mitigation - link. Please see also Colorado example (download) - link and Background - link.

Typhoon Mitigation

Super Typhoon Noul (2015) deviates from the predicted Philippine trajectory

Typhoon Noul (Dodong) strengthened considerably on May 9 as it crossed from deeper waters, of the Philippines Trench, into the into the warmer region Benham Rise - link.

Please contact us via - link for further information.