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During the last ten years David Miles and his colleagues have been privileged to travel through some of the world’s most diverse regions - nations in drought, famine, desert lands and highly populated equatorial regions. They witnessed many people-groups suffering through poverty, some impacted by natural circumstances, terrestrial or climate-driven variability, as well as those enjoying an abundance in prosperity.

Included, were visits into some of the war-troubled zones as well as in some cases meetings with authorities, to consider solutions.

Observing the vast disparity between the educated wealthy and those without knowledge - in poverty and or, more vulnerable, David and his company have resolved to focus attention toward addressing economic ‘primal drivers,’ by challenging technical barriers which presently restrict general progress.

Areas of interest include:

  • Climate threat and disaster mitigation
  • Advanced agriculture through weather management and use of robotics
  • Fighting wildfires with weather
  • High-speed surface transport and logistics

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