David Miles is a motivated humanitarian who believes that humankind has been entrusted with a duty-of-care over all life on earth.

David believes that in order to secure the majesty of Earth's safe future, its disparate nations, races, religions and industries must pursue a more balanced accord which transcends traditional human differences.

Acknowledging that this will require the progressive displacement of general military armament manufacturing, David proposes the re-purposing of already-existing manufacturing facilities, to enable the high speed production of (a new order of) advanced agricultural systems.

The goal: the enduring viability of planet Earth, as opposed to an apparent present mindless race towards its destruction.

With this goal in mind David’s company Miles Research, backed by its shareholders and supporters, is trialling an innovative atmospheric weather programming technology for the agricultural industry.

Miles Research has commenced the testing of a weather moderation system which, once established, will be capable of stabilising regional weather and optimising seasonal cropping through effectively 'smoothing' atmospheric behaviours.

One of David’s objectives is the greening of Earth’s vast untapped dry-land regions.

For further information please contact Miles Research - link.