Technology Offering

The first step into a future event, is a powerful data visualisation, where "a future event" is augmented in 2D, 3D or 4D (3D + time) - see also general discussion on pre-visualisation - link.

Level 1

1a - Visualisation

Miles Research has commenced initial discussions with corporate partners, backers and a leading Australian University, to progress development of an assimilated numerical modelling which combines conventional meteorology with other vital disparate data-sets, in order to better define near-future weather scenarios.

This will include terrain, surface substrate, oceanic surface topography, (including geo-spatially and temporally indexed dynamic data for biomass, human - machine - environmental variance, as well as crop cycles and business-risk,) modelling crucial dynamic vulnerabilities against weather.

The project will culminate in a single large collaborative VR space, through to on-site Augmented Reality, allowing the client to examine events, ahead of real-time.

1b - Automation

Outputs will be integrated through algorithmic or learned modelling, based on historical events. This data then to power integrative modelling which will deliver advance notice to customers, even in the absence of human examination of the visualisation.

Level 2

Introducing options, where via above services pushed through to the client as "a decision support platform" exposure can be reduced or completely mitigated before an 'event-horizion' occurs, closing the gateway to change.

Miles Research in collaboration with its technology providers offers a unique Level-2 service to modify threat ahead-of-time utilising its weather management program (working title 'TITAN') - designed to provide "countermeasures" for the natural forces of extreme weather. Response / comments may be made via our enquiry page - link.