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Severe weather events have increased globally, both in frequency and destructive force in recent decades. Climate analysts agree that this trend will likely continue and that hurricanes, tornadoes, drought, flooding and temperature extremes are here to stay.

Miles Research is raising funds to develop a '4D global visualisation facility' to assist in early threat analysis - for emergency managers, govt and non-govt stakeholders to be able to observe likely weather / flood / disaster impacts, before an event occurs.

It will present dynamic surface, atmospheric and satellite data mapped against an accurate topography model and will include layers such as demographic, infrastructure and human - environmental vulnerability data.

This immersive tool-set will bring otherwise highly sophisticated, yet vastly disparate data-sets together as part of an innovative technology offering - link. By creating 'compounding data visualisation' that is both geo-spatially and temporally accurate, vital risk-exposure information will emerge, that would otherwise remain hidden by the separated data.

The aim is to empower decision-makers via an advanced digital platform that operates ahead of the time-horizon line, in hope that a greater risk-awareness ahead of events, will save lives and avert catastrophic losses.

Miles Research believes that such a decision support platform will be a viable first step towards developing a future global technology solution, that could remotely target weather crises to reduce or prevent, on behalf of communities facing extreme threat.

A White Paper is available for interested parties: download - link. Response / comments may be made via our Enquiry / Subscription page.